“When I relapsed less than a year after stem cell transplant treatment for lymphoma, my oncologist told me there was no more that medicine could offer me. He promised he would not let me suffer. I decided right then and there that I was not going to die of ‘incurable, aggressive cancer’ and set my mind on a healing miracle. After 20 years on my self-healing journey I now know that we have the power to change our circumstances and, quite literally, live the life of our dreams. I use this experience to help others to live their dreams while, myself, getting ever healthier and fitter as I get older.” Listen to Kit’s story in her interview with Elaine Godley.

For a rainy day, here’s an interview I did some years ago with @PassionftPlanet about Laughter. It’s all still true today if you need something to boost your health and happiness.

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Laughter and play are two of the most powerful tools in the ‘survival tool kit’ hardwired into every human being at birth. Babies and children do both spontaneously, with profound effects on their health and well-being…read more of Kit’s article in Cygnus Review…

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When John Cremer led his monthly therapy session at a Jewish cancer centre, Chai Cancer Care, two weeks ago, he noticed a  new face among the group of terminally ill and recovering patients. Jayne was slumped in her chair and shaking vigorously. Dark-rimmed eyes peered up from her gaunt face and Cremer wondered whether this case might be beyond him. Read more…
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The Telegraph – Grin – and you’ll definitely bear it!
The Telegraph – A lifeline for cancer patients

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