Mars/Venus Coach
Mars/Venus Fairy Godmother


Kit loved being Michelle Pound's guest on Crew Radio, a radio station founded by 16 Cabin Crew during the global pandemic of 2020.
"You don't have to be crew to enjoy our shows as the emphasis is on feel-good music, good mental health and general wellness. We are truly "Radio Without Borders".   We were very much flying at the same altitude! You can listen to the interview here at Crew Radio Online.

Listen to Kit’s interview with Ninesprings Radio. How to avoid destroying relationships with loved ones in "Lockdown".

Listen to Kit’s story in her interview with Elaine Godley about her work as a Mars Venus Gender Intelligent coach and their fool around with some role-play examples!

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In this interview with Elaine Godley Kit talks about relapsing less than a year after stem cell transplant treatment for non-Hodgkins lymphoma. When her oncologist told her there was no more that medicine could offer and promised he would not let her suffer. Deciding she was not going to die of ‘incurable, aggressive cancer’ she set her mind on a healing miracle.

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