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Miracle of the Butterfly

We all struggle at certain times in our lives and, for me, it helps to recognise that our challenges, and the character-development we experience as we are forced to raise our game in order to overcome them, are very like the life stages of the simpler forms of life on our planet. My butterfly logo is emblematic of both Love and Transformation. Love is suggested by the  wings of rainbow colours and concentric hearts and the Transformation aspect is accounted for by the following story.

A man noticed a butterfly battling to emerge from its chrysalis.  Watching it’s struggles with compassion, it seemed to him that the hole through which it was trying to pass was so small as to render it’s task impossible

During one of the breaks the tiny creature took from its unequal fight, the man used his pocket scissors and, with great delicacy, snipped a few strands of the cocoon. When the butterfly began its next assault the man was gratified to see that it slipped out easily. But, to his dismay, it was a pale and shrivelled thing, neither caterpillar or butterfly that lived for a few minutes and never flew.

The truth that applies both to butterflies and to humans is that it is the very struggle itself with all its attendant doubt and fear that effect our transformation into the glorious beings we were put on earth to become. 

The fact is that our greatest trials are our best teachers. The butterfly’s daunting task of forcing its body through a tiny aperture into the unknown is the very thing that forces the fluid through to create the magic of its fantastic wings.

Similarly our human struggles to release the ties that bind us and help us to grow into our own magnificence.  It is the very things that most challenge us that train and condition us to evolve into the gorgeous, joyful beings we were designed to be.

So here’s the sixty-four thousand dollar question…

What wonderful being is hiding within you?