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Lockdown Blues! 🆕

“…if the man comes home, finds his lady, asks how her day has been, and listens! Just listen! Doesn’t try to fix, doesn’t give advice, doesn’t assume he knows what she needs. For men, being listened to is not as potent as it is for women, so that they have no way of judging how important that is to a

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Upgrade Your Love Life

Did you know that dating used to be fun? Human courtship protocols that have been hardwired into us over millennia are very different to the way love and romance happens in 2020. Could this be the reason that people complain about the difficulties of dating and that divorce and fractured families are increasingly the norm? Kit’s Zoom workshop – “The

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Why I Do What I Do!

If your life keeps presenting you with problems and setbacks you’ve come to the right place. As Shakespeare observed about 500 years ago, “There’s a force that guides our Destiny rough hew it how we will.”  And the force that guides my destiny had ideas of its own and performed a bit of a U-Turn from where I thought I

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