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The thirst I had from an early age for truth and fun led me, via circuitous routes, to the life of an affluent wife and mother in Manhattan and Belgravia.

Only weeks after my 40th birthday life changed irrevocably with the diagnosis of incurable but treatable cancer. The next five years were dominated by a move back to London and aggressive treatment. for cancer When I relapsed from Stem Cell Transplant in 1998 my oncologist told me that there was ‘nothing more he could do’ but promised he ‘wouldn’t let me suffer’.

At that point I rebelled and began my very scary quest for a miracle.

Many miracles later I am alive and well and living a life I have created out of my deepest dreams.  Living in my beloved Somerset, I blend Love, Laughter and Health Creation together with an unequalled depth of experience in a unique synthesis (which I call Re-Mothering in the FUNdamentals) to guide people and organisations into becoming fully alive and on track to living the life that now they only dream about.


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